A Legacy of Family, Place and Purpose

For over 90 years, The Eclectic Warehouse has been at the center of Eclectic life. Built in 1928 for Lee Hornsby, the property had been in the family since the 1880s. It has held commercial activity for cotton merchandising, lumber and a hardware business for 3 generations. The children of the town played in the cotton bales and their parents bought and sold the goods that made the town a vital trading center. In 1996, inspired by Mayor Corum, Aubrey Hornsby repurposed it as a town social and cultural center. Its massive timbers, red brick walls, old-south aesthetic charm, natural architectural comfort and grassy lawns inspire down-home livability.

The Eclectic Warehouse has hosted meaningful events for decades: The Alabama Cotton Festival, Eclectic Trade Days, church ecumenical events, school functions, college formals, library summer programs, cub scout camp-outs, concerts, dinner theater, wedding receptions and all manner of parties. National corporations have used it for photo shoots, advertising production and as a sound stage. To date, we have held over 800 events including 500 weddings.

Without compromising the historical structure, improvements have been made to ensure comfort and ease such as upgraded cooling and heating systems. Recent improvements include a 300-year-old English church door exiting the warehouse to the outside deck and custom-built entrance doors onto Main Street using massive timbers and antique design elements.Staging furniture and decorative elements are historically appropriate, beautiful and useful.

Celebrating Rural America

Through beauty and integrity, the Eclectic Warehouse showcases "Eclectic-Americana" events, doing its part for the revitalization of rural America.

In the Center of It All

We're located at 45 Main Street in the center of downtown Eclectic, in the center of Elmore County, in the center of Alabama, in the center of the South.

Contact Us

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